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Where it all began

Integrity Computers was officially started by T.J. Siedsma in 2003, but the idea and the dream began much earlier when T.J.'s mom brought home the family's first PC when he was around 8 years old. Not long after being shown how to turn the computer on, T.J. had figured out how to format floppy drives and connect to the local BBS. Some years later, in his early teens, T.J. had evolved to setting up a network of computers in the basement of his parents house so that he and his brothers could play computer games against each other. Most of the parts came from scraps found in the dumpster behind different businesses, and this was all before the internet was available to the average household. That was the beginning of an adventure in curiosity that hasn't stopped to this day.

T.J. has worked virtually every computer job since his early days in his parent's basement. From working at a computer repair shop in high school to running data cables at businesses across the country to supporting local, national and international businesses and state government, there is not much, if anything, that T.J. hasn't seen or done when it comes to computers.

In addition to being an accomplished IT Professional, T.J. has a true passion for technology and customer service. His experience ranges from supporting end users with front-line support to managing large-scale deployments of servers and infrastructure and the tools to manage and monitor them. From Linux to Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft Exchange to Quest vWorkspace, he has done it all.

T.J. is a motivated self-starter driven by his desire to learn and build things and to help people. He enjoys an environment where he is constantly challenged and able to learn and work with new technologies. In addition to successfully running Integrity Computers, T.J. also runs a thriving Web Hosting business, Lithium Hosting, which serves over 10,000 domains and several thousand happy customers around the world.

T.J. is proficient with Linux and Windows server administration as well as Microsoft Exchange Server. He has lots of experience with Web Servers, Application Servers, VMWare as well as supporting and installing physical and virtual servers. His experience also includes installing and configuring network switches, routers, access points and firewalls as well as top down network design.

He strongly believes in using the right tool for the job, from using Ansible for Linux server configuration to using Nagios for server monitoring. He really is one of the best at keeping servers running, patched and secure. His hosting business of 11 years is proof of that.

T.J.'s Specialties:

He is a problem solver with a no-quit attitude. He will treat your problem or project as it if was his own. His mantra is "fixed right the first time or it's free" and he stands behind it. T.J. also continues to employ his creativity and curiosity since back when he was a child to this day, he's even been known to build a tool or write a script just to fix a problem.

On the Windows side of things, T.J. is experienced with Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange both in small business and large corporate environments including global deployments with servers in multiple countries with fail-over and redundancy.

T.J. has deployed a large Quest vWorkspace environment utilizing Application Virtualization via Microsoft App-V and Virtual Desktop Deployment via VMWare and Hyper-V and Application packaging for remote deployments via SCCM and other tools.

In his spare time, he also likes to build websites like this one using modern web technologies. He is proficient in PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript and jQuery.

Let T.J. put his curiosity, experience and customer-first attitude to work for you today, you'll be glad you did!

T.J. Siedsma - Owner


“The BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE! T.J. from Integrity Computers is always there when we need him and is super efficient when he is working and always does a fabulous job! We are so thankful for him at our family business!”

Sydney and Haley – Owners

Ankeny Bark Avenue

“Integrity Computers came to me with solutions to my needs that were creative, forward thinking, and budget friendly. Turnaround time was outstanding on all projects and ongoing support has exceeded my expectations.”

Joel Cox – Owner

Porch Light Coffeehouse

“When it comes to IT Support, T.J. is very responsive and efficient. I would highly recommend Integrity Computers!”

J.R. Boesen – General Manager

Exec 1 Aviation

“T.J. is always available at a moment’s notice, by phone or by email, whenever I have any questions or problems. I’m so glad I have him as our go-to IT person!”

Lori Martindale, RVT

Village Veterinary Hospital

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