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Mail In Repair

Your ticket has been created, please follow the below instructions and ship your computer to us for repair.

  • Disconnect the computer cables, accessories, and peripherals. When shipping a desktop / tower computer, please do not ship any accessories with the exception of your power cord.
  • A modern graphics card might be very heavy. You can remove it from the slot and ship it outside of the PC case to avoid stressing the connector if the package gets tossed around.
  • Wrap the computer and power cord in a suitable air-cellular cushioning material. Ensure that all parts are covered by at least 3 to 4 inches (7 to 10 cm) of plastic bubble wrap. Wrap each computer accessory separately to ensure maximum protection.
  • Pack the wrapped computer tower inside a sturdy, cardboard box. Choose a box slightly larger than the computer to eliminate large areas of open space. Place the computer upright and fill all remaining space with additional cushioning. You want to ensure a tight fit so the computer fits snugly and will not shift during transit.
  • Place the packed computer boxes inside one large exterior box. You will again need to ensure that all boxes fit snugly to eliminate shifting during transit. Fill all open spaces with cushioning, foam or loose fill packing material to ensure a tight fit.
  • Close and seal the exterior box securely with packing tape. Use at least 3 strips of pressure-sensitive tape to ensure a tight seal.

If you are shipping a laptop, please follow the same guidelines above. Only include your laptop and power cord, do not ship anything else.

If you do not have packing material, you can take your computer to a UPS Store or FedEx shipping store for packing. Be sure to insure your computer, we are not responsible for damage received in-transit to us.

Finally, ship your package to the address below.


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