Concierge Service

Do you enjoy the following activities?

  • Crawling on the floor
  • Moving your desk to access power cords
  • Remembering which connectors on your computer go where
  • Waiting in line at the local repair shop, or trying to find it if you’ve never been there before
  • Driving in the rain / snow and hauling your computer around in the same conditions

If you answered NO to any of those activities, you need our Concierge Service.

At Integrity Computers, we want your computer repair experience to be top notch. From our 5-star rated customer service, to our dedication to your satisfaction and a repair done right.

Call or schedule online, we’ll come to your home or business, pickup your computer. We’ll perform the required repair, upgrade, cleanup or whatever service you require and return the computer to you. At the time of dropoff, we’ll reconnect everything and put things back as they were. You’ll have an opportunity to discuss the repair, verify things are working and everything is in good shape before we leave.

Pickup and Dropoff appointments are scheduled Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm and sometimes Saturdays.